Who Is A Tour Guide? Duties And Responsibilities Of A Tour Guide
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Who Is A Tour Guide? Duties And Responsibilities Of A Tour Guide. A tour guide is a person who provides guidance and information to tourists on visits to historical sites, landmarks, and other places of interest. The role of a tour guide is to make the visit enjoyable and memorable for the tourists.

A tour guide must have a deep knowledge of the area where they are conducting the tour. They must be able to answer any questions that the tourists may have. They must also be able to keep the group together and on schedule.

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In this article, we will take a closer look at the duties and responsibilities of a tour guide. We will also discuss the skills that are needed to be a successful tour guide.

Who Is A Tour Guide?

A tour guide is a person who has been licensed to meet, welcome, accommodate, and conduct guests or visitors around a specific tourist destination.

A tour guide is also a well-researched person who provides relevant information, and explanations about the various tourist sites, facilities, and areas.

He also ensures the safety and comfort of visitors who visits a country. The tour guide is also the link between the guest and the tourist site visited.

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Duties And Responsibilities Of A Tour Guide

Below are the Duties And Responsibilities Of A Tour Guide;

  • Welcoming guests or visitors at the point of arrival
  • Explaining to guests about the fee structure and its benefits to the community or tourist sites.
  • Implementing tour arrangements
  • Introducing tour and itineraries
  • Guiding tourists around places of interest while giving appropriate commentary
  • Safeguarding tourists’ safety throughout the tour
  • Seeing guests on and off the coaches, buses, and any form of transport used
  • Must be friendly and respectful
  • Must answer questions the guests ask
  • Supervise meal arrangement
  • Manage problems arising on the tour
  • Must be punctual at all stages of the tour
  • Adhere to itineraries as closely as practicable
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