Who Is Abiba Locks And Why Is She Trending?

Abiba Locks is a Ghanaian hairdresser. She is Trending online after drummer Langabel accused her of bringing bad luck to the Blackstars whenever she visited their camp.

In her defense of the claims she said she has been working hard since she was a little girl, and now that things are going well for her, she is being accused of using her poor luck against the team.

According to Abiba Locks all thanks to the Blackstars team, she is now able to make a small income to support herself and her family

She also said in a video that she has nothing to say to Drummer Langabel other than to wish him blessings from God for what he has done for her through his comments on social media.

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“Langabel, God should bless you for making the whole world know me. I’ve been praying to go International. I’ve received calls from several people after you made those allegations. I want to state that his claims are not true. I did nothing wrong and I didn’t do anything that led to their early exit from the World Cup. This is a planned thing to soil my reputation. The players who sought my services will go far. God should use my tears to help propel their career.”

The Black Stars have helped me so much. They have shown me too much love. I think that it’s about time we change our attitude. The first time I had the opportunity to work on the hair of the Black Stars players was in South Africa. Sherifa introduced me to Wakaso. He scored three goals after I did his hair. He has helped me and through him I’ve met Cardi B, Jedina, Mikel Obi and others. The Black Stars have helped me achieve a lot so there is no way God will punish the Black Stars because of me. I want Ghanaians to know that it is not possible for a woman to come and sleep at the Black Stars camp,” she said.

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