Who Is Amelita Martinez Ramos?
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Fidel Ramos, a well-known politician and military leader from the Philippines, served as its president from 1992 to 1998.
The 12th president of the Philippines was Fidel Ramos, sometimes known by the initials FVR and Eddie Ramos.

The world mourns the former president who oversaw the military under the dictatorship of his second cousin, Ferdinand E. Marcos.

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The country’s current president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., made this declaration in a statement.

“On this horrible day, our family mourns with the people of the Philippines. We lost a dependable leader and a relative.”

Fidel Ramos Wife

Who Is Amelita Martinez Ramos? The widow of the late former president Fidel Ramos, Amelita Martinez Ramos is a former first lady of the Philippines.

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On December 29, 1927, Amelita Martinez Ramos was born in Manila, Philippines. In 1953, she tied the knot with Fidel Ramos.

Jo Ramos, Cristina Ramos-Jalasco, Carolina Ramos-Sembrano, Angelita Ramos-Jones, and Gloria Ramos were all born to Amelita Martinez Ramos.

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