Who Is Bidisha De Majumdar And What Is Her Cause Of Death

Bidisha De Majumdar

Who is Bidisha De Majumdar? Bidisha De Majumdar is an upcoming actress and model who was found dead in her apartment in Dumdum. She was 21 years old before she died and used to live with her parent at a rented house near Nagerbazar. Many know Bidisha for her role in the movie Anirbed Chattopadhyay. She also directed a short film titled ‘Bhaar- The Clown’ in 2021.

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How did Bidisha De Majumdar die?

According to indiatimes.com, the young actress’s body was discovered hanging in her apartment. The police have already begun their investigation, but they are unsure whether it was a suicide or a murder. The preliminary investigation is underway, and police are attempting to gather additional information about Bidisha from her close friends and family.


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