Who is Claudia Conway? Meet Kellyanne Conway’s daughter

Claudia Conway

Kellyanne Conway, Claudia Conway’s mother, was one of President Trump’s longest-serving aides. Her father is a well-known attorney who once represented Paula Jones.

But it’s the 16-year-old who has recently made headlines, posting anti-Trump TikTok videos and sharing her ultra-liberal views while publicly battling her parents over control of her social media accounts.

Claudia announced on July 13 that her mother and father, conservative Trump critic George Conway, had banned her from social media. Claudia Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, has stated that their relationship is improving months after criticizing her mother.

Who is Claudia Conway?

Claudia is famous as the daughter of Kellyanne Conway and George Conway. She grew up in Alpine, New Jersey, with her twin brother, George IV, and her two younger sisters, Charlotte and Vanessa.

The Conways moved to the nation’s capital in 2016, but Claudia, then in sixth grade, wasn’t thrilled. She started a Change.org petition to persuade her parents to stay in the Garden State. Claudia plans to work in social justice advocacy after graduation.

“I think I want to do social justice activism when I’m older,” she told Insider. “I remember my mother always saying to me, ‘If you believe it, stand for it.'”

“I think that’s what I want to do when I’m older, like social justice activism,” she told Insider. “I know my mom always told me: If you believe it, go stand for it.”


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