Who is Dan Buckley? All About Wendy Rieger New Husband

Wendy Rieger was an American who was born 18th April 1956, Norfolk,in Virginia.  She was an actress as well as a journalist. She gained notoriety for her work as a WRC-TV anchor. In addition, Wendy is credited with starting the website Going Green. She won multiple honors throughout her career, including a Washingtonian magazine award and an Emmy for a report on the Vietnam War.

Wendy Rieger New Husband

Wendy has had a marriage to two men in her life. With Sol Levine, she had a first marriage that disintegrated. Dan Buckley, a former photojournalist, and she were married once more in 2021.

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Dan Buckley and Wendy Rieger

Rieger’s second husband was Dan. Dan works as a successful media photographer, and it’s possible that the couple met through mutual friends because they both have occupations in the same field. Through their careers in the television industry, Dan and Wendy eventually met. They had been incredibly encouraging to one another, and even through their most trying times, they were able to calm their pain. Wendy’s passing had a significant impact on Buckley. Dan left his position as a WRC-TV photographer. The couple spent most of their time together, posting images to social media for their fans and the entire world to see.

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About Wendy’s situation

Rieger underwent major heart surgery in October 2020 to replace a damaged mitral valve. She started feeling ill the following April and felt compelled to skip the burial of her former coworker Joe Krebs. She received a glioblastoma diagnosis a month later, and two days before she turned 66, on April 16, 2022, she passed away from it.

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