Who is Daryl Baum?
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Who is Daryl Baum? Born in Brooklyn, New York City, Daryl was a very close friend to boxer Mike Tyson whom he grew up with in the same neighborhood. With different ambitions, Daryl always dreamt of becoming a successful businessman when grew up but his life was cut short due to unfortunate gang circumstances.

As a close friend of Mike Tyson, the duo had been to jail together and got out the same year which led to Mike’s breakthrough in boxing. As a very close friend, Mike thought it wise to add him to his security personnel as he had no job at that time.

Daryl involved himself actively in drug trafficking which introduced him to some powerful gangs in Brooklyn and later his death. He is also recognized widely as the guy who shot 50 Cent multiple times in the hands and legs.

Daryl Baum Family

Coming into the limelight as a result of his tragic death, there is not much information revealed regarding his family as his parents are known. It is said that he had two siblings, Zakia and Tyrone. Little information is revealed about Tyrone as he made headlines for swearing to revenge his brother’s death.

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Daryl Baum Cause of Death

Daryl’s active involvement in drugs led him to dangerous paths and associations with gangs who would do anything to have revenge on anyone who wrongs them. Having a Cold War between himself and his rival gang, they ambushed him and shot him in the back of his head multiple times which led to his death due to the loss of a great amount of blood. He passed on at the age of 34.

Fortunately, the murderer of Daryl Baum was apprehended after the police had conducted a serious investigation. He was given a jail term to serve.

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Relationship With Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is one of the successful boxers in the United States known widely for his sport. Daryl Baum and Mike Tyson were very good friends even though Daryl worked for him as his bodyguard. This job was given to him as Mike promised to find him a job and thought it wise to include a close person in his security affairs. The two were more like brothers and this can be concluded based on the last respect Mike Tyson showed him during his match in the year he died.

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