Dr Berreza who works at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is just 32 years of age, and also an anesthesiologist. What has happened to Dr Berreza? let read to the end of this article to know the current situation Dr Berreza is in now.

Dr Berreza  news

Dr is being reported with strong evidence that, he has been detained on a rape suspicion. He was capture on a camera as his working staffs monitor him. This news spread around the whole area including social media. Many people made more comments about Dr Berreza crime. Some said, the Dr is very wicked and needs to be jailed, a lot of the comments about him were very sad. 

About Dr Giovanni Quintella Bezerra Leaked Video

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A leaked tape video was out about Dr Bezerra inserting his penis into a patient’s mouth at the hospital. This became a surprising story at the hospital and Brazil as well. Many people declared that, this is not the only case about Dr Bezerra. It was stated he has done same sexual crime to two other women who was admitted at the hospital.


according to the patient’s husband, he was told to leave the room after his wife had delivered. Nevertheless, the woman’s husband also said, he was not aware of the case or what has happened to his wife but only realized it when he saw on television that, Dr Berreza has been arrested with such a crime. 

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Report from DR Bezerra working staffs

Not too long Dr Bezerra completed his anesthesia medical training, just only two months. The workers at the hospital were getting amazing hints about Dr Bezerra on how he gives medications as well as the dosages of the drugs to his patients. Therefore, they managed to monitor his activities with a convert camera installed at his office. So, the workers were watching him when he was committing his sexual crime on the woman, but Dr Berreza did not notice about the camera. Based on what the workers said, he spent about ten minutes on the woman. 

Giovanni in prison

Dr Bezerra after arrested by the police was sent to the largest Prison in Brazil called Bangu.  The police are still on the investigation of Berreza case either this did not happen to only the woman but other two women who have been to Berreza’s office on the that day, have been abused by the Dr with same sexual crime or not. 

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Dr Giovanni life information

Concerning the life information about Berreza, much about him is not opened on social media and the internet. Either he is married or not married, no one knows for now. 


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