Who Is Eva Kunda?

Meet the Talented Songstress from Sweden promoting indigenous Ewe music to the world, Eva Kunda Neidek.

Who Is Eva Kunda?
Who Is Eva Kunda?

Also known as DAAVI EVA, this outstanding Music personality is a South-Swedish Recording Artist with a focus on World, Folk, and Sacred music. Her music has over the years been influenced by traditions south of the Sahara, especially in Ghana.

Born in 1978, Daavi Eva is one of the few unique people uplifting the image of Ghana Ewe folk music to the world and we’ve got to be grateful.

She loves to sing songs from Ghana, especially in the Ewe dialect, and even did a 12-track album titled “Osey Ye Ghana”. She has also done a lot of renditions for Ewe folk and Gospel songs which you would love.

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Daavi Eva is scheduled to perform at this year’s Amu Gagawoe Music & Art Festival Peki- Volta Region is organized by the sensational Seyram Music in Peki-Ghana this year from the 16th to the 17th of December 2022.

Check her YouTube channel for some exciting Ewe folk songs she sang;


Also check out the song #Dumenyo by Seyram Dei featuring #Daavi_Eva.

And also listen to one of my favorite from her Ewe folks songs titled #Nyemaku o;

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