Who Is Joe Dix? How Did He Died


In this article we will be talking about Joe Dix, an adolescent who was stabbed to death on the 28 January 2022 in Norwich. Relax and read as we bring to you all the information.

Who Is Joe Dix?

Who is Jo Dix? Joe Dix is a teenager who was a victim of cold murder. On Friday, Joe was pronounced dead, and the cause of his death is still unknown. On the same day, the police launched an investigation in the local area, and individuals who live nearby are being questioned.

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Who Is Joe Dix? How Did He Died

When Joe died, he was 18 years old. However, we have no information on his true birthdates, birthplace, or parents. He wasn’t a regular media figure, hence there aren’t much details about him on the internet. He’s been all over the news recently as a result of his homicide.

How Did Joe Dix Died?

How did Joe died? He died after being repeatedly stabbed in a Norwich housing state. Following allegations that 18-year-old Joe had been stabbed, emergency services, including armed police, were dispatched to Vale Green soon before 7 p.m. on Friday (January 28).

Who Is Joe Dix? How Did He Died

He was rushed to hospital after being treated by paramedics, but he was subsequently declared dead, and a police cordon was set up at Vale Green.

Two people were arrested and subsequently released under investigation, according to the Twitter post. In the meanwhile, the suspect’s identity and other details are being kept under wraps. According to reports, a man, 40, and a woman, 30, were detained but subsequently released and will be monitored.

Was Joe Dix In A Relationship?

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Who Is Joe Dix? How Did He Died

Was Joe in a relationship? Yes, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend, according to several different reports. His girlfriend’s identity, on the other hand, has not been made public.

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