Leoni Fildes

Leoni Fildes, a 34-year-old Salford mother, has gone viral after booking a £4,500 Uber to “assist Ukraine” after “one too many cocktails,” according to The Daily Mail.

After a few drinks, we’ve all found ourselves in a scenario where we need to call a taxi to get home. And it’s often more expensive to go home than we believe.

However, one mother was taken aback the next morning when she learned Uber had attempted nine times to withdraw £4.5k from her bank account.

So, let’s meet Leoni and learn how and why her name has been splashed across national news outlets.

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Who is Leoni Fildes?

Leoni Fildes, a 34-year-old mother of two, lives in Salford, Greater Manchester. She runs a local dog grooming business, according to her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Her story about a £4,500 Uber to Ukraine has gone viral on social media, and her name has been splashed throughout national magazines.

Leoni Fildes, according to the Daily Mail, claimed she hired a £4,500 Uber to “assist Ukraine” after “one too many double pink gins and shots of Sambuca.” Thankfully, she had “insufficient cash” to complete the deal.

The mother said she and her pals were out celebrating a friend’s birthday in Swinton when they started chatting about Ukraine and how they might help.

“I’m 34 – I should know better,” she explained (via Metro.co.uk). “The next day I didn’t remember doing it. I was like ‘oh my god’. I woke up to my bank ringing me, thinking my card had been [used fraudulently].”

She continued: “Uber tried to take the payment nine times out of my account. They were pretty determined. I had a little flashback when the bank called and I said, ‘I think it was me – sorry’.”

“I don’t know what I’d do if Uber had let me order it. I don’t think I’d have got in but you don’t know after a drink,” Leoni continued. “I might have piled into the taxi and realised when we got further out.

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“It would have been coming out of my account and I don’t know where I’d have woken up.”

She later wrote in a Facebook post (via Manchester Evening News): “I’m so glad I didn’t have the funds available (was only a quid short) but this is the reason I shouldn’t go out. Trying to order an Uber to Ukraine last night coz I’d had a few sambukas [sic].”

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Meanwhile, a Uber spokesperson said: “We can confirm that no trip requests were successfully made in this instance. We are looking into this further to understand what happened.”


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