So many people have been faced with very difficult challenges,in which they thought that all hope was lost, thereby turning to alcohol and drugs for comfort. Misty Loman was one of those people, she lost three of her babies and was diagnosed with a series of very severe illness’s. In order to cope with her predicament she turned to drugs and eventually a lifestyle of crime. The doctors and people around her had already given up on her due to her lifestyle but she turned her life around and now Misty is as healthy as ever.

Misty Loman before her change in appearance.

Misty first came into the public eye when Sheriff Adam Bieber from Wisconsin posted some pictures of her on the internet. This was in a bid to sensitize the public on the dangers of drug abuse. Her picture caused a lot of uproar on the internet and many people reached out to her.

Who is Misty Loman?

Misty Loman was born in 1979 in a town called Bowling Greens in Kentucky. She is currently 43 years old. She is married to Gary Glass jr,but the couple are currently separated, and they have two sons together.

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What happened to Misty Loman?

Misty Loman went viral in 2019 when Sheriff Adam Bieber from Wisconsin posted some mugshots of her to warn people especially the youths of the dangers of using Methamphetamine.

When the pictures came out,some internet users went to investigate the cause of her change in appearance. They found out that prior to her arrests and drug addiction,she was diagnosed with bone cancer, lupus and scleroderma. A condition that required chemotherapy and other rigorous medical routines. They criticized the sheriff for using her as an advocate against meth use.

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That wasn’t all before Misty’s pictures came out she had previously been arrested 15 times on account of drug use and other crimes. It wasn’t even reported that she once came to a court for her hearing,high on drugs,where she was re – arrested.

How is Misty Loman now?

Misty is recovering rapidly, thanks to her supporters. She has gotten the help she needed. When her pictures came out many people reached out to help her and a GoFundMe account was opened for her.

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Misty has also given her life to Christ and constantly shares her testimony in church.


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