Who Is Pastor Greg locke

Birth named Greg Laurie is now known commonly as Pastor Greg. By profession Pastor Greg Locke is a singer pastor and author. He is the one person who has established his zeal and excellence over a period of time in singing.

Who Is Pastor Greg

He has served with the Harvest Christian Fellowship for a time that has earned him Senior pastor in the church establishment and most of his works had been manifest much in California.

There is a lot of stuff many would like to know about this great pastor. Believers and non-believers all wish to know much about the life of Pastor Greg to feed their curious minds. Perhaps people might want to know more about him regarding his age, his marital status, his weight, his height, and his net worth.

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Because of this knowledge and information on Pastor Greg has been compiled for easier research and investigations. Born on December 10, 1952, in California, Pastor Greg owned an American nationality. Unfortunately, he was born to a single mother who had experienced seven unsuccessful marriages.

Because of such background, much isn’t known about Pastor Greg’s mother and father but what could be guaranteed is that he was bred along with the Christian faith.

At an early age, he attended Newport Harbor High School and afterward had his first job at The Daily Pilot as an errand and delivery boy. With his body measurements, Pastor Greg Locke weighs 80Kg accompanied by a height of 1.80m.

Pastor Greg Locke Wife

He is 69 years as of 2021 and is married to Catherine Laurie. The couple tied the knot in 1974 and we’re blessed with two sons. However, a son; Christopher Laurie is deceased.

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He was engaged in a fatal car accident that led to his death at the early age of 33. The other son is called Jonathan Laurie. Greg Laurie started his career in his teen ages where he was serving in his church by reading out The Bible to people.

He established himself in The Harvest Christian Chapel which later became Harvest Kumalani after their association with Kumalani Chapel. Greg later joined the Newport Beach Police Department as a Chaplain.

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He later served as an honorary chairman for The National Day of Prayer Taskforce. His fellowship deeds have been recognized with numerous awards including Gold Medallion Awards and Graham Awards.

Pastor Greg Locke Net worth

He holds authorship of over 70 books including his best-selling The Upsidedown Church. Currently, Greg’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5million. Pastor Greg is known as a very honorable man of God and at his age has a very large following.


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