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Who Is Richard Libertini Jr., Melinda Dillon’s Son?


Melinda Ruth Clardy is an American actress who used to go by the name Melinda Dillon. Melinda Dillon was born in the city of Hope in Arkansas, but she grew up in Cullman, which is one of Alabama’s biggest cities. Melinda Dillon’s mom and dad were named Essie Norine and Floyd Clardy.

On October 13, 1939, Melinda Dillon was born. Melinda is 83 years old right now. After Melinda Dillon was born, her parents were together for 5 years before they split up. In 1947, Essie Norine remarried Wilbur S. Dillon, who was an army officer.

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Melinda Dillon went to Hyde Park High School, and then she went to Chicago’s Goodman School of Drama. Melinda Dillon was in a lot of movies and won a lot of awards for her work. Melinda Dillon was different from everyone else because she put a lot of time and love into her work.

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Does Melinda Dillon have children?

Yes, a son called Richard Libertini Jr.

Who Is Richard Libertini Jr., Melinda Dillon’s Son?

Who is Richard Libertini Jr.? Melinda Dillon and Richard Libertini only have one child, Richard Libertini Jr.

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