Who is Taylor Schabusiness?

Taylor Schabusiness

Taylor Schabusiness is a 24-year-old married American lady currently in custody for the murder and dismemberment of her lover Shad Tyrion.

Shad Thyrion.

Taylor who has a previous criminal record was accused of strangling her lover and sexual assault of his corpse while under the influence of methamphetamine.

According to police statements, the crime was committed on February 23rd in Shad’s mother’s house. The accused was said to have dropped Shad at his mother’s place after partying with him and a friend at his place.

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She claims that they were already high on marijuana before they got home. When they got home he got some dog chains which he gave to her, while she injected both of them with meth.

High on the meth she strangled him with the dog choker and experimented on his corpse with a sex toy while giving him oral sex. Later she took out a knife and cut out his body parts dumping them in a bucket.

Taylor Schabusiness’s husband and family life.

Taylor Schabusiness is currently married to Warren Schabusiness who is in custody for an unrelated crime. She has a one year old baby.


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