Who is The Amazing Johnathan’s wife Anastasia Synn?

Who is The Amazing Johnathan’s wife Anastasia Synn?

John Edward Szeles better known as The Amazing Johnathan has died. His death has made many people want to known more about the  standup comic that includes his beautiful wife Anastasia Synn.

Who is The Amazing Johnathan’s wife Anastasia Synn?

Who is Anastasia Synn?

The Amazing Johnathan in 2014 got married to his wife Anastasia Synn. The Amazing Johnathan wife is an entertainer, stuntwoman, magician, and public speaker. Synn is famous because of the husband and mother of Szeles daughter Hale, yhowever there is no much information about The Amazing Johnathan’s wife Anastasia Synn.

Who was The Amazing Johnathan?

John Edward Szeles was an American magician and stand-up comedian who appeared on television shows such as One Night Stand, Lounge Lizards, Young Comedians Special, and Late Night with David Letterman over the years. He is also popular for his one-hour special wrong on Every Level.

John Szeles in 2001 moved to Las Vegas and took up residency at the Golden Nugget where he was awarded one of The Las Vegas Review-Top Journal’s Ten Acts in Vegas.

What was The Amazing Johnathan’s cause of death?

The Amazing Johnathan’s cause of death was first announced on facebook by fellow standup comedian Penny Wiggins.

Taking to facebook Penny Wiggins wrote; “Johnathan Szeles (Amazing Johnathan) has passed away at around 11:30 pm 2/22/22.”

“My heart is broken. One of my best friends, one of the funniest humans I’ve ever met. I loved him so very much and will never forget this wonderful, amazing, kind, funny, great person.”

However the cause of the Amazing Johnathan’s cause of death is not known however Prior to his death, his wife Synn disclosed that Szeles had become “completely unresponsive” and was placed in hospice care.

“His decline was fast, but it also wasn’t. He is so strong,” Synn wrote. “He has beaten the odds for so long. I know you all love him so much and everyone wants to say goodbye.”

She continued:  “I don’t think we thought this day would ever come because he is so strong and has beaten it so many times. Thank you for all the well wishes, but as the news spreads it’s getting overwhelming and I’m going to have to take a step back. I love you and thank you for your support.”


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