The blogging industry is fast growing with a large number of people starting their own website to earn from. Yet there’s a debate on who is the richest blogger in Ghana? Many are of the belief that in Ghana there are two great bloggers making a great income online and they’re known as IB Bansah and Akesse Sanza.

IB Bansah Vs Akesse Sanza: Who is the richest blogger in Ghana?

So who among these two bloggers is the richest and how much is he worth? Stay glued as brings you all the gists about the richest blogger in Ghana.

IB Bansah Vs Akesse Sanza: Who is the richest blogger in Ghana?

To begin with let’s look at who is IB Bansah and why he has been tagged as the richest blogger in Ghana.

IB Bansah Net worth

IB Bansah Vs Akesse Sanza: Who is the richest blogger in Ghana?

IB Bansah whose real name is Israel Boafo Bansah is a graduate student from the University of Ghana and has been blogging for 7 years now.

Israel was born on 22nd February in Sokode, Volta region to Mr. Boafo Bansah a headmaster. His friends mostly address him as the son of a headmaster making it big in life.

He runs several websites in Ghana and other countries with popular websites such as and Israel is estimated to have a net worth of $1million all this is from his website as a blogger.

Why is IB Bansah called the richest blogger? In 2021, on 24th February he got himself a new Benz just after his birthday. This he revealed he got through monies made from online writing.

He also shared a screenshot of his daily income on his Facebook page to motive upcoming bloggers to give moving for there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Below is one of his words before the year-end last year on Facebook;

“This year has been a hell of a year but the successes are worth celebrating!

Nearly GHS2M made through blogging with Adsense. I have to calculate my mgid and direct ad earnings.

NB. I can’t account for any of these coins. Origin probably took all 😂

I launched my 32nd website about 2 weeks ago and currently have about 27 workers on my payroll
Gossips24 successfully launched a crazy and fast-growing YouTube channel!

It’s a hell of a year but these things we can’t overlook!”

See screenshot below:

IB Bansah Vs Akesse Sanza

Akesse Sanza net worth

Akesse Sanza is a traveler, writer, and consultant based in Kumasi. He became very popular and labeled the richest blogger in Ghana in November 2017 when he stormed social media with screenshots of his website’s earning.

He runs a travel website called which focuses on providing public information about travel, tips for travelers, and also sharing his traveling experiences.

IB Bansah Vs Akesse Sanza: Who is the richest blogger in Ghana?

Akesse Sanza has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million and was part of the top 50 bloggers in Ghana in 2018 with the 10th position.

Aside from his travel blog he also has other blogs such as,, and more. He also has a music portal.

So from the above, we can crown Akesse Sanza is the richest blogger in Ghana with IB Bansah as the second richest blogger in Ghana

To know more about these two bloggers you can read about them here


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