Home Facts And Lifehacks Who Is The Topless Argentina Fan Noe?

Who Is The Topless Argentina Fan Noe?

Who Is The Topless Argentina Fan Noe?

Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup on penalties, lifting the trophy for the third time in their history.

During the final, many people were drawn to a fan who was celebrating topless. But who was she, and how much do we know about her?

Who Is The Topless Argentina Fan Noe?

During Argentina’s dramatic penalty shootout win over France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final in Qatar, Noe was spotted with her shirt off.

She was seen with an unnamed friend who was also topless, but neither commentator Guy Mowbray nor Gary Lineker noticed them during the BBC’s coverage. The decision to go topless violates strict Qatari dress code laws for both men and women.

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In order to comply with the laws, they must cover their shoulders and knees. There are also strict laws against nudity, which Noe and her friend broke on national television in front of a global audience.

It was stated at the start of the tournament that anyone who exposes themselves in Qatar during the tournament may face heavy fines or even prison time.

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Qatari officials escorted Noe and her friend out of the stadium, but they were not arrested, and her social media posts following the incident appear to confirm her safety.

The pair were photographed outside the stadium with fellow Argentine fans after the final, celebrating with their breasts out.

Does Noe have Instagram and TikTok?

Noe maintains an Instagram account at @noe.dreams1. She has shared videos of herself following Argentina at the World Cup and celebrating during the final on this account.

On her Instagram story, she also shared news reports about her topless antics. A video of two men painting the Argentine national flag on her nipples appears in one of her posts.

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The men worked for a face-painting company in Qatar during the tournament. Her Instagram bio reads La chica del topless, which translates as the topless girl.

There isn’t much information about her career, but according to her Instagram bio, she represents an Argentinian clothing brand called Destino pink.


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