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Who Was Grand Daddy I.U.?


Ayub Bey, better known by his stage name Grand Daddy I.U., established himself as a prominent figure in the world of music.

Fans are curious about the life of the legendary rapper because he passed away in December 2022 at the age of 54, and they want to know more about his life.

Who Was Grand Daddy I.U.?

Grand Daddy I.U. was a well-known Cold Chillin’ Records rapper who hailed from the New York borough of Queens.

During the heyday of hip-hop, he was most active and released a number of songs, including Sugar Free, Something New, and We Got da Gats.

Over the course of his career, he had worked together with a number of notable artists, including 2Pac, Lotto, and Big Snow, among others.

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When GDIU was not working in the studio, he would frequently update his more than 18,000 Instagram followers with posts about his life.

Grand Daddy I.U. cause of death

Pete Rock, a hip-hop producer, was the one who first revealed GDIU had passed away.

According to TMZ, Rock reportedly stated that he passed away while quietly sleeping and that there is very little information available about his departure.

After some time had passed, his business manager Raya issued a message on Instagram in which she stated that she is “not okay.”

“No, I am not okay. I’m devastated, “she had written.

“Anyone who really knows me knows how much pure love and respect I had for him and out of respect for him and his family, I’m staying quiet right now.

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“I do not need to post pictures nor stories to profess anything. I pray for a peaceful and easy transition,” she added.

Several of his colleagues and fans later took to Twitter to offer their condolences.

Among those posts was one from LL Cool J, who wrote, “Rest in power King. HipHop was in your DNA. @granddaddy_iu Thank You for your contribution.”

Friend DJ Chuck Chillout added: “Man this one hurts RIP to coldchillin artist MC @granddaddy_iu rest well bro u will be miss.”

Grand Daddy I.U. net worth 2022

Grand Daddy I.U. net worth 2022 is estimated to be $ 5 million. He amassed wealth as a result of his great career in the entertainment sector.

This estimation is based on the success of his music as well as other endeavors he has undertaken in the economic world.

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