William Hurt Net Worth


Hollywood A-list actor, William Hurt has left a legacy in the movie industry. Born on March 15th,1950,the actor began his career in the 1970’s after studying in ‘ Julliard school’. Julliard is popular for producing star actors, actresses and stage managers.

Hurt began his career as a stage actor, performing in theaters. In 1980,he debuted ain a science fiction movie’Altered states’, receiving a Golden globe ‘New star of the year’ nomination for the movie. Throughout his career Hurt has received several awards for stage acting,films and movies.

Hurt was usually cast as an intellectual in his movies mostly due to his appearance and fluidity. However he was also a brilliant actor in other styles of acting. Some of his movies include,’A history of violence’,’Too big too fail’,’Broadcast news’,’A kiss of spider woman’. He is most popular for his movies’Broadcast news’ and ‘A kiss of Spider woman’ which earned him an Academy award for best actor in 1985.

He was also prominent in the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’. In 2008, played the character General Thaddeus Ross in the movie’ The incredible Hulk’. Subsequently he featured in four marvel studios movies ‘Captain America – civil war(2016)’,’Avengers – infinity wars(2018),End game( 2019),’Black widow (2021)’.

Sadly Hurt passed away in March 13th,2022 at the age of 71, after struggling with prostrate cancer. Hurt was working on several projects before his death, including ‘Pantheon’ ‘Men of granite’, ‘The fence’. It is uncertain if the projects were completed before his death or if his roles will have to be played by someone else.

William Hurt’s net worth.

As at the time of his death, William Hurt’s main occupation was movie and film acting. He was also a theatre artist and voice actor. Hurt’s annual income was $500,000 and his net worth is $8 million.


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