Wode Maya Biography; Net Worth, And YouTube

Wode Maya biography

Wode Maya is a popular Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger, and aeronautical engineer. When was Wode Maya born? Wode was born on November 8th, 1990 in Ahekofi, Ghana. He recently shared a photo of his mother who turned 60 but there’s no information about his father or siblings.

Wode Maya Biography

Wode Maya Biography

  • Full name: Berthold Winkler
  • Best known as: Wode Maya
  • Place of birth: Ahekofi, Ghana
  • Education: Shenyang Aerospace University
  • Profession: Vlogger and Aeronautical Engineer
  • YouTube channel: MrGhanaBaby
  • Net worth: $500,000

What is Wode Maya real name? Wode Maya’s real name is Berthold Kobby Winkler. What nationality is Wode Maya? He is a proud Ghanaian. Wode Maya gained his basic and secondary education in Ghana before he was awarded a scholarship to Shenyang Aerospace University. He left Ghana in 2012. He wanted to study Aeronautical Engineering but was denied a visa so he ended up in China.

Wode Maya revealed that racial discrimination had forced him into vlogging when he was denied jobs due to his color. He joined YouTube on January 10, 2013, and began posting his experiences in the country.

Wode Maya net worth 2021

Wode Maya Net Worth 2021

Wode Maya net worth 2021 is estimated to be $500,000. His primary source of income is from his Youtube channel and ads he mostly runs from real estate people in Ghana. According to reports, Wode Maya is the richest YouTuber in Ghana.

Wode Maya Girlfriend

Wode Maya is dating a colleague YouTuber known as Miss Trudy who is from Kenya.

Wode Maya YouTube Channel

Wode Maya youtube channel has over 970,000 subscribers and he is very active therewith content about Africa and other countries.

Below is a link to Wode Maya youtube channel;

In an interview the richest Youtuber in Ghana said;

“It all started when I got tired of how Chinese people see me as a Black man coming from Africa,” “They thought that nothing good comes from Africa; Africa is a warzone area so I decided to take this upon myself to change the narratives. So I decided to quit my job. I’m an aeronautical engineer. I decided to quit my job, go out there and promote Africa in my own way as a black man telling the African story.”

“That is where I listened to my dad and decided to talk about the Africa-China relationship, and from there, my whole YouTube channel escalated. I mean, I thank my mom for supporting my dream but I also thank my dad for giving me that idea to become who I am right now.”

“Digital content creation is something very lucrative, it’s something I think it’s worth more than being an engineer, being a doctor, being a pilot,” he said. “People tell me to go and look for a job. ‘Why are you in front of the camera?’ I just wanna tell people out there that I can literally employ you, let you stay in your room, and then pay you every month.”

“…Our people here are signing contracts that will benefit their pockets so China has seen that and they are going to feed you with money because money is not the problem in china so they are gonna pump in money for which they know that if they are giving you 1 billion dollars, at the end of the day, they are going to earn 5 billion dollars, so they don’t care.

“It’s about time the leaders in Africa will think twice and say that we are gonna sign deals that will benefit the people of the continent but not our pockets…If we don’t take care, they [China] will soon colonize the continent.”

Wode Maya’s videos usually start with AIYA MAYA, AIYA WODE MAYA, which means “oh my god” in the northeastern Chinese dialect, and with the unstoppable rise of digital content creation in today’s world, Wode Maya is so proud of choosing that path.


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