A young Madziwa, Zimbabwe woman identified as Auxilia Banda has killed herself after finding out her husband stole all her money to go and marry another woman.

Auxilia Banda

Not been able to stand the shame and heartbreak Auxilia ended her precious life because that was the money she saved from her career as a mathematic teacher in Madziwa.

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Before she died she had four female kids who were in Form 2, Grade 7, Grade 4 and a 2 year old as the last born.

This sad news was confirmed by the National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi and currently the issue is been investigated.

According to the National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi;

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“Yes, we can confirm that we have reports of a lady from Madziwa who committed suicide after her husband, a policeman, took her money and used it to marry another woman.”


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