World’s Oldest Man Celebrates His ‘121st Birthday’ In Brazil

'World's oldest man' celebrates his '121st birthday' in Brazil

The ‘World’s oldest man who has been identified as Andrelino Vieira da Silva is celebrating his ‘121st birthday’ in Brazil with his friends and family.

Andrelino Vieira da Silva’s1 21st birthday was celebrated after he recovered from COVID-19. The oldest man in the world lives in the city of Aparecida de Goiania in the Brazilian state of Goias. He was born on 3rd February 1901 and has seven children.

To mark his 121st birthday, the oldest man in the world celebrated the day with a cake decorated with his first name, his age, and the phrase ‘O terror do INSS’ which translates as ‘the terror of the INSS’.

INSS is the acronym for Brazil’s National Institute of Social Security is in charge of pension payments and survivor benefits.

INSS is the body, which was set up in 1978 to replace the former National Institute of Social Insurance (INP), is also responsible for collecting contributions for the country’s social security system.

The theme of Mr. Andrelino Vieira da Silva’s cake was designed by his granddaughter, Janaina Lemes de Souza, who is an accounting supervisor.

Ms de Souza said it was a ‘great privilege’ to have her grandfather reach the age of 121 and described how the family ‘valued every moment.

She told G1: “It is a great privilege to have a person of this age in the family to be able to share stories with us.”

“My daughter has had the opportunity to have a great-grandfather. I did not. We value every moment. He travels, he goes to bars, he does everything.”



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