WWE Raw: Watch how John Cena played a “Peacemaker” between Riddle and Randy Orton off-air

WWE Raw Monday Night Raw Results: Tonight’s WWE Raw ended with Randy Orton hitting an RKO to stun Riddle. An RKO that no one saw coming was delivered with full potential. However, after the show went off the air, John Cena came out for his tag-team match and played a “Peacemaker” between Riddle and Orton by bringing them together, and the three men had a group hug inside the ring. Check pictures and videos below.

John Cena has been a busy man ever since he made his shocking return at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV on July 16. The 16-time World Champion has made an appearance on almost every WWE Raw & WWE Smackdown shows and has competed in WWE live event matches as well. He has teamed up with different stars on the Red and Blue brand in non-televised or Dark matches almost every week.

This week, after WWE Raw went off the air, John Cena teamed up with Damian Priest to take on the team of Veer & Jinder Mahal. Below are the highlights of the match.

From what we can see in the above clip, John Cena and Damian Priest were successful as a team as they defeated Jinder Mahal and Veer after hitting their respective finishers at the same time. Dark matches are always a treat for the live audience in attendance, and John Cena has been giving the live crowd every reason to cheer. 

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