You Use Church Money to Pay Rent For Your Lesbian Partner – Afia Schwarzenegger Drags Rev. Obofour’s Wife Bofowaa


In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Afia Schwarzenegger alleged that Bofowaa Antwi, the Osofo Maame used money paid as offering by poor church members to pay her lesbian partner’s rent.

The loudmouth also alleged Rev. Obofour borrowed luxurious cars and invited bloggers to publicize them on social media after claiming that Ayisha Modi is Bofowaa’s lesbian partner.

She wrote;

Tell your thief pastor,always recruiting witch godfather and his pussy licking wife that..
Live chicken is 40 ghc
KFC chicken is 95 Ghc now…
People Love Fufu Funu…I am the real deal bitches!!!!
How can a pastor’s wife pay rent of thousands of $$ to her supi whiles People suffer in their church…pastor’s wife my foot…Jon woman
Ask your godfather for the money he promised 1-Blow….. Where’s the range rover??
Why has Savior deserted
Ghana do you want to hear proper prophetical gist n arrangements ..
Obinfo customers, like lesbian boy boy like madam.
How u wish I called you,hw3 ne gyimii bi…obaafon tantan
We can all give stolen cars as gifts but We respect God.
I can rent Trassacco,order cars from rental cars to my house,invite bloggers n play big girl…but the difference between me n your lesbian osofo maame is I think.i want legacy for my children not fake trend…wanna be trend
Just as you told me that @stonebwoyb rented cars to the asaase clash with @shattawalenima and made you invite bloggers to make it look like his fleet of cars, I can do that!!
Remember when you told us that the cars labelled 1 gad is not for him @stonebwoyb n you also know the guys that rent cars to your godfather, I can do just that but I am wise!!!!
You n your Thief Godfather n Lesbian wife should TRY ME

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