Yvonne Nelson Preaches Against Abortion


Yvonne Nelson, an actress, has begun speaking out against abortion. With the increase in indiscriminate sex in recent years, many young women turn to abortion.
Because they may have had an affair or were pregnant by someone they weren’t ready to spend the rest of their life with, they decide to have their children removed.

Additionally, some women would like to lead better lives than to settle for unstable guys.

However, Yvonne Nelson thinks that when women become pregnant, they must keep their children.

She adds that if you are not ready for a baby, it is better to protect yourself and that it is better to conceive than to abort.

“Abortion? Don’t do it,” she said.

Adding that ” If you get pregnant, have the baby. If you aren’t ready to be a parent, protect yourself. It’s a blessing to conceive….. I’ll tell you guys a story soon”.


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