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Are Today’s Lyrics Making Any Sense?

Are Today’s Lyrics Making Any Sense?   Music produces a kind of pleasure human nature cannot do without, however, music today is becoming more irrelevant with regards to lyrics in Ghana. Besides, taking a look at the lyrics of the current songs in Ghana, it is easy to conclude that …

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Vitamin C doses may shorten ICU stay: Study

The scientists identified 18 relevant controlled trials, and 12 of them were included in the meta-analysis on the length of stay. On average, vitamin C administration shortened ICU stay by 7.8 per cent. London: Administering vitamin C to patients in intensive care unit (ICU) can help shorten their stay, scientists …

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Cornrow hairstyles 2019

  Cornrow hairstyles are the easiest type of braids that most females and some males plait. This type of braid can be traced back to the olden days where both young and old ladies have them on their head scalp. There are a lot of factors that play key roles …

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