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Why tomato puree might improve male fertility


Lycopene – a nutrient found in tomatoes – may boost sperm quality, a study has suggested. Healthy men who took the equivalent of two tablespoons of (concentrated) tomato puree a day as a supplement were found to have better quality sperm. Male infertility affects up to half of couples who …

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Revealed: How sugar is killing you silently


Revealed: How sugar is killing silently – Is it almost difficult to oppose eating up a cupcake or pancake? You’re not the only one. Numerous individuals adopt a win big or bust strategy to shoddy foods. In any case, you don’t need to quit eating sugar totally; simply eat less …

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Top 5 Signs you are a side chick

side chick

Wondering if you are the main chick or just a side chick in the relationship? Worry no more xorlali.com has got you cover just relax and read below the 5 signs you are a side chick and not a main chick. No photographs of you exist There are events like …

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Top 5 Natural high blood pressure treatment


Before starting drug therapy, try lifestyle changes and some natural high blood pressure treatment at home. High blood pressure( hypertension ) is a blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg or greater. Keeping BP below 120/80 mm Hg is important to good health. High blood pressure( hypertension ), creates when pulse …

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Chemistry vs. Compatibility: Which Is The Best?

chemistry and compatibility

What is Chemistry and compatibility in relationships Chemistry is exactly what happens when you initially observe somebody and feel a sort of way. That fascination you get to them, that response, that piece of you that is attracted to them that moment of first [or subsequent] contact… that is chemistry. …

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7 signs your man is secretly depressed — and how you can help

depressed man

Don’t let him suffer alone. Men don’t like admitting things. Sometimes this manifests in adorably clichéd ways — they won’t admit that they’ve lost, they won’t ask for help at the hardware store… you know, the normal “stubborn man” sitcom stereotypes. But sometimes, male denial can have extremely serious consequences, especially …

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Beautiful Beneath Launches Breast Love 2019 To Fight Breast Cancer

As part of measures to fight against Breast Cancer among women in Ghana, the Chief Executive Officer of Beautiful Beneath, Juliet Gyamfi has called on men to help fight breast cancer in the country. According to her, the support from men will go a long way to ensure that breast …

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