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How to prepare delicious egg stew

Why egg stew?It is a popular stew mostly prepared by a number of people in Ghana.  In this world most people love egg stew because it goes will a lot of dishes such as yam, plantain, rice , spaghetti and bank. As for me this is one of my favourite and i mostly prepare it during weekends

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How to protect you eyes

Looking for ways to save your eyes? Or how to protect your eyes from damage? No more worries because all you need to do in order to protect your eyes will be highlighted in this article below.

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Sika foods [Ghana best tom brown porridge ]

Why tom brown ?It is a popular porridge mostly prepared in Ghana. Most of the Tom Brown porridge ingredients are common agricultural products that are rampant in Ghana due to the favorable climatic conditions. Which Sika foods is one of the best and fastest selling product on the market when it comes to tom brown . Sika Foods has Sika Tom Brown and Sika Wheat powder. The focus is to place healthy and nutritious breakfast on the table of every home. Adults and children alike.

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