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top unique things to do in Kumasi,Ghana

kumasi ghana

Kumasi Ghana (verifiably spelled Comassie or Coomassie and more often than not spelled Kumase in Twi) is a city in Ashanti Region, and is among the biggest metropolitan zones in Ghana. Kumasi is close Lake Bosomtwe, in a downpour backwoods area, and is the business, mechanical and social capital of …

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Best Neighborhoods in Accra, Ghana: Lapaz or Madina ?

lapaz or madina

When you’re attempting to pick an area to live, what are the most significant components you would consider in advance? What makes an area extraordinary for you? Today,  we write about why you should trust Lapaz and Madina as the best spots to live in Ghana. The district Lapaz of …

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21 amazing hotels in Accra Ghana

hotels in Accra Ghana

Accra visitors are certainly spoiled when it comes to hotels in Accra Ghana and prices. If you want hotels in Accra Ghana close to the airport, 5star hotels in Accra, Cheap hotels in Accra with swimming pool, top 5 hotels in Accra, and the biggest challenge will be narrowing down …

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Ways to Combat marine litter, To Create Tourism

Marine litter is any form of litter that is found in the oceans as a results of human activities both on and off shore. This litters ranges from plastics, paper bags to even electronic materials. Most of the time, these litters will washed ashore, causing wear and tear at the …

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Tourism according to the WTO refers to the activities of people or individuals travelling to and staying at places outside their usual place of residence for more than 24hours and less than a year for the purpose of leisure, pleasure, recreation and business purposes for which the activities at the …

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