List Of Night Clubs In Osu

List Of Night Clubs In Osu 2024. Night clubs are increasingly one of the destinations to hang out with friends and family on weekdays and weekends. 

The excitement, fun, and drill of activities at night clubs have become an eye-catching avenue for many young, old, locals, and foreigners.

In Ghana, aside from many notable nightclubs in the city of Accra, Osu stands out as one of the favourite landmarks widely known for its magnificent bars and nightclubs’ night experiences for the masses.

If you are looking for nightclubs in Osu to spend time with your loved ones, friends, and family, here is a complete list of night clubs in Osu to suit your preferences.

List Of Night Clubs In Osu 2024

Below is the list Of Night Clubs In Osu 2024;

Club Onyx

CEO of Club Onyx, D-Black at his club in Osu. Photo Credit: Club Onyx Instagram

Club Onyx is one of the famous nightclubs in Osu. Suited at the plush residents of Cantonments behind the Ghana Police Head Quarters, Club Onyx is of no surprise one of the notable night clubs in the city of Accra.

The nightclub’s popularity stems from its owner being a popular Ghanaian Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur, Desmond Kwesi Boateng, popularly known as D-Black.

Nightlife at Club Onyx is super packed, with large crowds, invited artistes, and celebrities. It has a number one spot for many celebrity hangouts in Ghana.

You will not go to Club Onyx and not see any notable celebrities there. The club is open from Monday to Sunday.

Bloom Bar

Bloom Bar, Osu

I am sure the name Bloom Bar sounds like a bar you have heard of before or seen countless times on social media. Bloom Bar has become a household name among many Ghanaians.

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If you randomly ask on the streets of Accra which bar is a suitable place to hang out in Osu, you are likely to hear Bloom Bar.

The Ghanaian established bar in 2017 has curved a niche for itself becoming one of the iconic locations among Ghanaians.

The bar welcomes its quests with an open-medium air bar setting along with colourful and captivating surface-mounted lighting, giving the bar’s ambiance a friendly appeal to many of its guests. The bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday and located at the Troas Street, Osu.

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Kruna The Club

Kruna The Club

Kruna The Club is a night club in Osu that offers its guests memories and experiences that always makes you want to visit the club again. The fully enclosed club offers a variety of cocktails, food menu, music, and a comforting environment. Nightlife at Kruna The Club is one of the most exciting places to be in Osu. Kruna The Club operates from Monday to Sunday.

Vienna City and Bar

Vienna City Bar

Located near the Danquah Circle Oxford Street in Osu, Vienna City Bar is among the notable bars that offer the memorial night club experiences in Osu. The bar gained traction during its early days of establishment and to date has maintained its brand. A visit to the bar gives you the kind of tranquil ambience accompanied by live band performances from musical stars and an all-night DJ experience for music lovers. The bar is open from Monday to Sunday.

Purple Pub

Purple Pub, Osu

Purple Pub is one of the notable pubs in Osu. Nightlife at Purple Pub welcomes a variety of guests enjoying the sweet music played and a crowded atmosphere of people trooping in and out of the place and on the streets of Osu. The Purple Pub is open from Monday to Sunday.

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Plot 7

Plot 7, Osu

Considered one of the best nightclubs in Nyaniba Estates, Osu; Plot 7 lively, luxury decors, DJs, and drink services have attracted several people to its landmark. Plot 7 has the kind of clubbing scene that hosts a number of events, a variety of DJs and a range of House, Pop, Dance, and Afro beats music to suit every event it hosts. The nightclub opens from Monday to Sunday.

Acc Tantra

Acc Tantra Night Club

Acc Tantra provides a memorial night experience and urban vibes to its modernized space and variety of activities to its guests. The club like most others operates throughout the weeks in a month. Acc Tantra is located at the GY Odio Street in Osu.

Acc Tantra is a unique night club in Osu that appeals to the urban lifestyle. The nightclub’s exclusive high services since its establishment in 2018 have grown to become a spot for hosting corporate events, A-listed parties, and celebrities such as Davido, Wizkid, StoneBwoy and Burna Boy.

Hot Gossip Night Club

Hot Gossip Night Club

Hot Gossip Night Club is an all-adult entertainment nightclub with a drinking bar, a pool bar, and a fully air-conditioned indoor club. It is opened seven days in a week. The bar boasts of the kind of nightclub that has strippers and other private venue activities in the club for extra private sessions for clubbers. 


Photo credit: FrontBackAccra on Instagram

Front/Back is a private members club located at First Osu Ln. The club is designed on a concept of creativity and artistry works embellished all around its venue. The private club showcase music, food and arts from Ghanaians, and the African diaspora. The private club has a restaurant, and an open spot for relaxation, live music, talks, and parties. It also hosts private events for others.

Vanity Pub and Klub

Vanity Pub and Klub, Osu

Vanity Pub and Klub is a nightclub near Platinum Plaza, Ako Ajie in Osu. Just like many other nightclubs, Vanity Pub and Klub has a bar, a pool center, and a closed-door interior for musical nights and nightlife experiences. Vanity Pub and Klub is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Other addtional night clubs in the environs of Osu

Twist Night Club and Lounge

Twist Night Club

Twist Night Club is one of oldest and leading night clubs to spend memorial time there. The entrance of the club welcomes you with a huge dance floor, peppy lighting, and lively music to get you in your dancing shoes. Its recent upgrade and revamp added a more attractive look to the club you will invite a friend over after your time there.

Ox Ultra Lounge

Ox Ultra Lounge, Osu

Ox Ultra Lounge is the kind of night club in the hearts of Osu that gives you the dream nightlife entertainment in Accra.

Cloud 9ine Club

Cloud 9ine Club

Cloud 9ine Club is one of the hottest nightclubs along the Osu Oxford streets. You spend more than a nightlife experience and still yarn for more. It has the best sound and lighting that set you in the mood. The club serves you diverse cocktails and champagne for your preferred taste accompanied with DJ live music and invited artistes giving you the right mood for the nightlife experience. 

Suncity/ Red Carpet Sky Bar

Sky Roof Bar at the Sun City Hotel and Aparmtnet in Osu

Suncity/ Red Carpet Sky Bar is a sky bar at the roof top the Sun City Apartment giving you the roof top nightlife entertainment accompanied with live music and a host of activities.

Afta Werk

Afta Werk Bar and Resurant

For all your unofficial corporate hangouts, Afta Werk is owned by the Ghanaian rap legend, Reggie Rock Stone and it not only hosts parties but also serves the Ghanain indigenous dish, waakye at its premises.

Shisha Lounge

Shisha Lounge, Osu

Located in Osu, Shisha Lounge is the kind of nightclub known for its wide range of shisha flavours, cocktails, and a good food menu. It has an outdoor eating area and an indoor bar. It has a nice ambiance and a variety of food menus to serve.



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