Top 10 Cleanest Beaches In Ghana

Ghana is known for its beautiful coastlines and pristine beaches. In this section, we will explore the top 10 cleanest beaches in Ghana, where visitors can enjoy clear waters, soft sands, and a pollution-free environment.

Top 10 Cleanest Beaches In Ghana

Below are the cleanest beaches in Ghana;

1. Labadi Beach

Located in Accra, Labadi Beach is one of Ghana’s most popular and cleanest beaches. It offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and provides a great spot for relaxation and water sports.

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2. Kokrobite Beach

Just a short drive from Accra, Kokrobite Beach is another gem on Ghana’s coastline. Known for its cleanliness and vibrant atmosphere, it attracts both locals and tourists seeking a peaceful beach experience.

3. Anomabo Beach

Situated in the Central Region of Ghana, Anomabo Beach boasts crystal-clear waters and golden sands. It is well-maintained by the local community and offers opportunities for swimming, picnicking, and sunbathing.

4. Bojo Beach

This secluded beach can be found near Kokrobitey Village in Accra. Bojo Beach features clean white sands surrounded by palm trees and offers visitors a serene escape from city life.

5. Ada Foah Beach

Located in the Ada East District of Greater Accra Region, Ada Foah Beach presents a tranquil setting with its clean shores along the Volta River estuary leading to the Atlantic Ocean.

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6. Busua Beach

Situated on Ghana’s western coast in the Western Region, Busua Beach attracts surfers with its consistent waves while maintaining its cleanliness standards.

7. Cocoanut Grove Beach Resort

Found in Elmina within the Central Region of Ghana, Cocoanut Grove boasts a pristine shoreline where guests can enjoy peace while enjoying panoramic ocean views.

8. Sakumono Titanic beach

Sakumono Titanic Beach is one of Accra’s hidden gems when it comes to cleanliness combined with beautiful scenery—a perfect choice for sunbathing and enjoying the turquoise waters.

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9. Cape Coast Beach

Located in Cape Coast, this beach offers not only a rich history but also clean and well-maintained surroundings. Visitors can relax on the sandy shores or explore nearby attractions such as Cape Coast Castle.

10. Nzulezu Stilt Village Beach

Situated in the Western Region, near Beyin, Nzulezu Stilt Village is known for its unique stilt houses built on water. Alongside this fascinating cultural experience, visitors can enjoy clean and unspoiled beaches.

These top 10 cleanest beaches in Ghana are a testament to the country’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty and providing visitors with an unforgettable coastal experience.


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