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Resorts In Akosombo

Best Resorts In Akosombo

Resorts In Akosombo

Not sure where to lodge during your vacations? Here is a list of some of the top most popular and best-value resorts in Akosombo.

In today’s article, we will be discussing some of the finest resorts in Akosombo. We web talk of a resort, it is a place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or also for a particular purpose.

Resorts In Akosombo
Resorts In Akosombo

Brief History About Akosombo

Akosombo is a small town in the south of the Asuogyaman District, Eastern Region of Ghana. It also has notable street names of some African Countries in the sub-region like Ghana, Congo, Namibia, Lagos-town, Freetown etc.

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It is preoccupied with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds like the Akans, Ewe, Krobo, and also other ethics. Akosombo is moreover located north of the Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku.

Akosombo is however, the home of a predominantly migrant population of about 15,000 from all parts of Ghana and beyond. It also has the largest dam which is also mainly engaged in power generation and other activities.

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Top Best Resort In Akosombo

Resorts In Akosombo
  1. The Royal Senchi Resort and Hotel
  2. Peninsula Resort
  3. Volta Hotel
  4. Afrikiko River Front Resort
  5. Maveline Hotel
  6. LAK Gardens
  7. 3A’S Guest House
  8. A&Y Wild Camp Ghana
  9. Panaasa Guest House
  10. Zito Guest House
  11. Bridge view Resort
  12. Babhills Resorts
  13. Hi-Heaven Hotel
  14. Bb Tributary Hotel
  15. Sajuna Beach Resort
  16. The Island Resort Hotel
  17. Odo So Royal Hotel
  18. Akosombo Continental Hotel
  19. Adi Lake Resort
  20. Aseda River Resort and Hotel

What Are The Finest Hotels In Akosombo City Center?

Volta Hotel, Afrikiko Riverfront, is one of the best and finest hotels in Akosombo city center. It also has a 24-hour bar and an outdoor swimming pool. They also offer direct access to the ferry port just a few steps away.

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Resorts In Akosombo
Resorts In Akosombo

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What Are The Best Cheap Hotels In Akosombo?

  1. 3A’S Guest House
  2. Zito Guest Inn
  3. Bb Tributary Hotel
  4. Odo So Royal Hotel
  5. Hi-Heaven Hotel
  6. Maveline Hotel

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