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Who is the ugliest man in the world? Why is he called the ugliest man in the world?This and many questions you seeking answers for but don’t worry because this article has got you covered with everything about the ugliest man in world, list of the ugliest man in the world, the ugliest man in the world pictures.

Meet the Ugliest Man in the World: Godfrey Baguma

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On our list of the ugliest man in the world pictures is Godfrey Baguma from Uganda.

What’s His Story?

How Did He Become the Ugliest Man in the World? With his look he has won a Guinness World Record. He was a shoemaker but due to how he was struggling, he joined the ugliest man in the world competition.

He won owing to his grotesque appearance. Godfrey Baguma suffers from a rare condition that makes his look like a strange creature. His entire face is deformed, having lumps on different parts, features that easily won him the ugliest man in the world title.

Is He Really Ugly?

According to Tony Wilson, head of medicine at Mbarara Hospital in the western region of Uganda, Godfrey suffers from a rare condition called Fibrodysplasia. This condition affects the growth and placement of cell tissues resulting in the widespread abnormality in his head and other parts of his brain. Fortunately, he cannot pass down the disease to his children, and the condition can be easily managed with the right medication.

List of the ugliest man in the world picture

Below is the list of the ugliest man in the world picture;

William Masvinu

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Wiliam Masivinu, for the longest time, has been termed as Zimbabwe’s ugliest man despite the fact that he has lost the title to another. Zimbabwe typically runs Mr Ugly, a competition that seeks to have a good time the splendor in ugliness each year.

The challenge started in Beitbridge in 2009 and has won big recognition ever since. William Masvinu carries this title with proud and keeps winning contracts for him been ugly in the country. According to him, he is a very great achievement in his life to be crowned the ugliest man in Zimbabwe.


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When they say one is ugly with smiles then the title holder is Maison. He is the guy with the ugly smile and he beat the long-running champion William Masivinu, at the ugliest man in the world competition.

Joshua Box

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Are you still wondering, “Who is the ugliest man in the world?” Joshua box is the next on our list. He became very popular in 2018 after being charged with being a child predator.

Social media was buzzing after l his images surfaced online, with many reacting to his deformed face. It’s was then that people labeled him as the ugliest man in the country.

As to how he got his face deformed, according to Sources he tried killing himself in 2015, by shooting himself in the face after he was first charged with child porn.

Michael Berryman

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Michael was once possibly the ugliest boy in the world when he used to be younger due to the fact of his special clinical condition. Today, the well-known actor is seventy two years old and suffers from hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia that is characterised by way of the absence of sweat glands, hair and nails.

That is why he has a very horrific look that has allowed him to bag many roles in horror movies. Many remember him for his role from creepy portrayal of Pluto in “The Hills Have Eyes.” Michael has acted in many spooky films that have won him his current popularity. That is why many persons without difficulty tag him as the ugliest man in the world. He has a very horrific appearance.

The ugliest man in the world picture is an image of a man with a severely distended face, stomach, mouth.It was all over the internet because people thought it was disgusting and then they saw the picture of him smiling and then they realized that he had a disease called Prader-Willi syndrome.

Conclusion: The Ugliest Man in the World is Alive and Well

The conclusion to this article is that the ugliest man in the world is alive and well. He is not dead, and he is not a myth. His name is Godfrey Baguma, a musician in Uganda. He is married with eight children.

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