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Maha Ayew Pictures

Maha Ayew Nationality, Maha Ayew Pictures.

Maha Ayew Pictures. Who is Maha Ayew? Maha Ayew is the beautiful wife of the legendary footballer called Abedi Pele. You will get to know more about Abedi Pel and his wife Maha Ayew in this post.

Abedi Pele Biography

Maha Ayew Pictures
Maha Ayew Biography And Net Worth

Abedi Ayew professionally known as Abedi Pele is a legendary footballer who has contributed immensely to football. Abedi Pele was born on the 5th of November 1964. He was born in Kibi in the eastern region of Ghana but grew up in the town of Dome on the northern outskirts of the city of Accra.

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Abedi Ayew gained the nickname ‘Pele’ as a result of their tremendous football skills and was compared to the Brazilian athlete ‘Pele’. He served as captain of the Ghanaian National team the Black Stars. Abedi attended Ghana Senior High in Tamale.

Abedi Pele began his career with Real Tamale United in Ghana in 1978. He later joined Al Sadd in Qatar. Abede Pele is the biological brother of Sola Ayew and Kwame Ayew.

Biography of Abedi Pele’s Wife, Maha Ayew

Maha Ayew Nationality, Maha Ayew Pictures.

Maha Ayew is a director and shareholder of Abedi Pele‘s Football club called the Narnic Fc. Maha Ayew is of Lebanese descent and was born on 10th August 1968 and also a businesswoman.

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How Did maha ayew Meet Her Husband, Abedi Ayew?

Maha Ayew and Abedi Pele have been married for thirty-four years. They have been married since 1987. Abedi Pele met his wife, Maha Ayew while he was playing football in Marseille, France. They have been blessed with three beautiful and lovely children. Their children are Jordan Ayew Imani Ayew and Andre Dede Ayew. Maha also has a stepson called Rahim Ayew.

Maha Ayew Pictures

Below are some beautiful Maha Ayew Pictures you should check out;

Maha Ayew Pictures
Maha Ayew Pictures

Maha Ayew Net Worth 2023

Much is known about the net worth of the legendary footballer Abedi Pele’s wife, Maha Ayew. But the net worth of her husband, Abedi Ayew (Pele) is estimated to be $100 million.

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Who is Abedi Pele wife?

Maha Ayew is the beautiful wife of the legendary footballer called Abedi Pele.

How many children is Abedi Pele having?

3 children called Rahim, Dede & Jordan Ayew 

How old is Abedi Pele?

57 years old. He was born on 5th of November 1964

Who is the first son of Abedi Pele?

Ibrahim Ayew is the first son of Abedi Pele. He may not be the son of Abedi Pele’s wife Maha but he is treated with the utmost care. Ibrahim Ayew has played for a number of classes in the local scene including Sekondi Eleven Wise and Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

Who is the mother of Dede Ayew?

Maha Ayew

Maha Ayew Pictures

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