Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho Net worth 2023

The accomplished American actress, Anya-Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy, came into this world on April 16, 1996, in Miami, Florida, United States, making her [calculate_years datestring=”4/16/1996″] years old today.

Since 2013, she has steadily risen to fame and garnered numerous awards. As her name and reputation have soared to new heights, her family, too, has found itself in the spotlight.

This Golden Globe Award-winning actress boasts a global fan base, and many are eager to learn about her personal life, particularly details concerning her parents.

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Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho Husband: Meet Dennis Taylor

Dennis Alan Taylor is the husband of Jennifer Marina Joy and also Anya Taylor-Joy’s father. Anya’s heritage is diverse, with her father being of Argentine descent, with English and Scottish roots.

Dennis Alan Taylor, Anya Taylor-Joy‘s father, was born in February 1940. He is renowned as a British-Argentinian powerboat racer and a successful businessman.

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He has achieved champion status in his career, earning recognition not only for being the father of a talented actress but also for carving a significant niche for himself in his chosen field.

Among her siblings, Anya Taylor-Joy is the youngest of six children. Notably, she is the most prominent and influential among all of them.


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