Brian Mwenda age
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Brian Mwenda Age, Biography, Tribe, Education. Brian Mwenda Njagi, a 28-year-old individual widely recognized as Lawyer Brian Mwenda, is a well-known Kenyan human rights activist, a lawyer embroiled in controversy, and a prominent social media influencer.

Brian Mwenda age, bio, education
Brian Mwenda Age, Biography, Tribe, Education

Brian Mwenda biography

Brian Mwenda stands out as an extraordinary and unconventional lawyer, hailed for his proficiency and expertise in navigating civil and criminal law cases. Astonishingly, Brian has notched up victories in 26 legal cases while masquerading as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

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Recently, the Kenyan law enforcement authorities apprehended the self-proclaimed lawyer, Brian Mwenda, exposing the fact that he lacked any legitimate legal qualifications and was not a registered member of the Kenya Legal Association. Yet, he managed to secure triumphs in numerous cases, presenting his arguments before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges. These legal victories have sent shockwaves throughout the legal community and beyond.

Around the world, numerous individuals have lauded him as a legal prodigy for achieving legal feats despite lacking formal legal education, while others demand that he faces legal prosecution for impersonation against the country’s legal association.

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The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and the Nairobi Branch Rapid Action Team (RAT) have played pivotal roles in unveiling the imposter.

Currently, Brian Mwenda is under arrest and in the custody of the Nairobi Branch Rapid Action Team (RAT) headquarters, where further investigations are underway. According to law enforcement agencies, this case serves as a stark warning to individuals engaged in impersonation that the long arm of the law will eventually catch up to them.

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Brian Mwenda age: How old is Brian Mwenda?

Brian Mwenda is 26 years old as of 2023.

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