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A major controversy has erupted within Kenya’s legal community as a man who claimed to be an advocate was exposed as an imposter.

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), specifically its Nairobi branch, has raised a red flag and alerted the public to an individual falsely posing as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

The individual in question, who goes by the name Brian Mwenda Njagi, has been categorically disavowed by LSK, which has clarified that he is neither an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya nor a member of the society.

In a statement released on an undisclosed date, LSK Nairobi Branch asserted, “The Branch wishes to inform all members of the society and the public that Brian Mwenda Njagi is not an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, as per the Society’s records, nor is he affiliated with the Branch.” LSK Nairobi Branch has urged anyone with information about Mwenda or any other person impersonating an advocate to report it to the relevant authorities.

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“The members are encouraged to share any information regarding any individual masquerading as an Advocate for necessary action,” the statement emphasized.

Eric Theuri, President of LSK, affirmed that Brian Mwenda Njagi is not an advocate and disclosed that they have called upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to apprehend him. “We have requested the DCI to track down this individual and apprehend him for impersonation,” Eric Theuri stated.

Well-known lawyer Omwanza Ombati brought to light that Brian Mwenda Njagi had successfully uploaded his image as the profile picture on an account belonging to another advocate who shares a similar name.

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Ombati also voiced concerns regarding potential data breaches within the LSK Portal.

The news of Brian Mwenda’s activities sent shockwaves through the community, with individuals sharing videos of his purported courtroom appearances and other incidents.

In one video, he represented a high-profile client, former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, displaying a level of confidence and legal expertise that left many astounded.

As the controversy continues to unravel, some netizens have drawn parallels between Brian Mwenda and the fictional character Mike Ross from the TV series “Suits.” Ross, portrayed by Patrick J. Adams, is known for practicing law without a law degree.

Brian Mwenda’s alleged achievements have intrigued and confounded many, with some asserting that he has secured victories in 26 court cases. LSK has pledged to thoroughly investigate these claims.

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Despite the ongoing investigation and legal proceedings, Brian Mwenda’s bold impersonation and apparent legal acumen have captured the fascination of many Kenyans, with some commending his resourcefulness.

His actions have also ignited concerns about the security of the LSK Portal and the potential for identity theft within the legal profession. LSK has asserted its determination to address this matter decisively and safeguard the integrity of the legal profession.

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