Prophet William Oppong Peasah is a renowned Ghanaian pastor who has gained national and even international recognition for his dedication and commitment to spreading the word of God. Born and raised in Ghana, Prophet Peasah has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and leading his congregation toward righteousness. In this article, we will examine the Profile Of Prophet William Oppong Peasah, his ministry, his wife, and how he has impacted the lives of people through his teachings.

Profile Of Prophet William Oppong Peasah

Prophet William Peasah is one of God’s unique tools in the end time. The fourth of six siblings, and from Kyebi Asikom in the Eastern region.

Being in the prophetic office for nearly two decades, the prophet is blessed with the Apostolic and Evangelistic mandate to preach the good news to the dying world. A life coach, a mentor, a businessman, and a philanthropist.

Prophet Oppong is the CEO of Codop Outreach Ministries, a non-governmental organization that gives smiles to the needy, orphans, widows, and inmates in camps and maximum prisons in Ghana.

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With simplicity and smiles, the prophet keeps everyone going irrespective of the personality ( a lover of books ) or ( a reader of books).

In addition to his evangelistic work, Prophet Peasah is also a philanthropist who is passionate about giving back to his community. He has been involved in various charity projects and through his work, he has touched the lives of many people who have been in need of material support and emotional encouragement.


Prophet is the founder and lead Pastor of Believers Family Sanctuary ( B.F.S ) a local branch of the Assemblies of God, Ghana. A growing church in Tema Community 25 annex.

Prophet Peasah has had the privilege of working with many men of God both in Ghana and other countries. Some of these great men of God are; Rev Dr. Stephen Wengam – General Superident Assemblies of God, Rev Dr Ato Bentil – Formal General Treasure Assemblies of God, Rev Dr Delali Bodze – Deliverance Assemblies of God, Rev Steve Mensah – C.E.M ( Founder and General Overseer ), Rev Dr Slyvanus Elorm Amegashiti – Trinity Assemblies of God, Rev Dr. Osei Yaw Danquah – C.A.C. Pigfarm, Rev Professor Fredick Kyereko – Formal President – Southern Ghana Bible College, Senior Prophet Paul Kweku Nii Okai – Founder ( Mount Horeb Centre ) and Rev Dr Leopard Boohene – Christ Centre for Hope – Chicago USA .

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He has been instrumental in organizing various crusades and revivals that have seen thousands of people give their lives to Christ. His passion for evangelism and teaching has earned him the respect of many people in Ghana and the world at large.

One of the unique aspects of Prophet Peasah’s ministry is his focus on teaching people how to live a fulfilling life in Christ. He believes God wants his children to prosper in all areas of their lives, not just spiritually. Through his teachings, he has helped many believers understand the importance of living a balanced life, with a focus on spiritual growth, health, financial stability, and personal relationships.

Prophet William Oppong Peasah’s wife: Is Prophet Oppong Peasah married?

Yes, Prophet William is happily married to Mrs. Peace Dziedzorm Oppong Peasah, and they are blessed with two lovely daughters, Olive and Olivia . Mrs. Peace Dziedzorm Oppong Peasah has been a steadfast supporter of his ministry and has worked alongside him to spread the gospel. Together, they have been a beacon of hope and inspiration to many believers in Ghana and beyond.

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Social media

In the age of social media, Prophet William Oppong Peasah has taken advantage of various platforms to share the gospel with a wider audience. He has a strong presence on different social media platforms, with the handle @oppongwilliam. His followers praise him for his thought-provoking messages and the inspiration he provides through his teachings.

In conclusion, by the Grace and mercies of God Prophet William Oppong Peasah is an outstanding man of God whose work has touched the lives of many people in Ghana and beyond. His dedication and commitment to spreading the gospel and supporting those in need have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a true servant of God. May his ministry continue to touch the lives of many people for years to come. May the name of God be praised in his life forever.


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