Maha Ayew Nationality, Maha Ayew Pictures.

The Ayew family’s queen mother is Maya Ayew. She serves as the club’s director and shareholder of Abedi Pele Narnia Fc.

Abedi Abedi ‘Pele’ and Maha have been wed for 34 years. In 2017, the couple, who wed in 1987, were spotted celebrating their marriage’s 30th anniversary.

During one of the football seasons in Marseille, France, the renowned Ghanaian football player met his wife. The Lebanese ancestry has remained with Abedi ever since.

The 34-year marriage has produced excellent football players as well. Rahim, a child from Abedi’s first marriage, is the father of Jordan Ayew, Andre Dede Ayew, and Imani Ayew.

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All of the Ayew sons followed in their father’s football-playing footsteps; Dede and Jordan both played for the Ghana Black Stars.

Rahim does not feel like a stepson despite Maha’s actions. One of the few football-related families was raised by the couple. Currently, Andre Ayew plays for Al Sadd, while Jordan Ayew is a Crystal Palace player.

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Maha Ayew’s family hosted a party in 2019 to celebrate her 51st birthday, and photos and videos from the event were shared on social media. The family can be seen in the video showing affection and spending time with the Maha and Abedi Ayew’s grandchildren young ones.

Who is Maha Ayew?

Maha Ayew is the wife of Abédi Ayew.

  • Name: Maha Ayew
  • Age: 51 years old
  • Birth Date: 10th August 1968
  • Gender: Female
  • Career: Business Woman
  • Nationality: Lebanese
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Maha Ayew Nationality

Maha Ayew Nationality is Lebanese. However she is currently married to a Ghanaian.


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