With Africa’s total coastline surpassing 30,000 km’s, it’s needless to say there is an abundance of surfing opportunities.Grab your board and be ready to travel. From Morocco in the North, to Cape Town in the South; from the warm, sweet Indian Ocean on the east coast, to the cold, wild West coast. Get your surf gear out of storage, grab those binoculars and hit the road.

best countries to surf in Africa

Africa has the best places to surf

When one hears the word “Africa”, images of the “Big 5” are often conjured up – huge elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalos roaming around in vast game reserves. But there is so much more to this incredible continent.

Surfing in Africa also presents unique challenges. It can be hard or impossible to get around, flights can be expensive, and there may be war or disease in some areas. Do your research before heading off on your adventure.

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Things to take 

No one can surf without the ideal surf gear, right? First up – a board. Beginners need to choose the right board at the right price. Next up – a wetsuit and additional accessories such as fins, wax, leashes, bags and sunblock. Must surfers only need a board. Easy. 

It takes sheer will, guts and a passport too to find the best places to surf in Africa. Take a few tips from me if you need to get there on the cheap. Or if you simply need guidance on the best places to see en route to meeting new friends in the waves.

From Cape Town in the very south, to Casablanca in the very north. Hold onto your board and ride this wave with us…

Our top surf spots in Africa

1. Senegal

It’s got it all. From offshore reef breaks to spectacular point breaks. Ngor Island is the epicentre of Senegal’s surf scene.

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 2. Morroco 

grab your board and ride the waves at the infamous Anchor Point, Boilers, Dracula’s, Anzas, Hash Point and Killer’s Point. Surf alone at Desert Point and on a good day get long rides of up to 500m long!

3. Angola

Explore 1500 km of sensational untouched coastline. Most of the beaches here are still undiscovered by fellow surf travellers. Head to Cabo Ledo in Bengo Province to ride a point break over 200m long.

4. Mozambique

 From Ponta d’Ouro in the south to Pemba in the north, Mozambique is a surfer’s utopia. Surf Ponto d’Ouro at high tide  but watch out for the rip currents. Take your board to the break off the small point at Tofo but look out for rocks. Barra Beach offers a safe break off the beach which is very popular with locals.

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5. Namibia 

Surf the famous Donkey Bay on the Skeleton Coast where you’ll find a left hand point break that runs for 2 km’s!

6. South Africa 

This is arguably the best place to surf on the African continent. With two coastlines to choose from, surfers are spoilt for choice. The most iconic surf spots are Elands Bay on the west coast and J Bay on the east coast


These are just a few of the best places to surf in Africa. Do your research, check out your surf gear, and book your tickets. You only live once – go surf waves of all shapes and sizes, meet friendly people and learn a new language.


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