Chenku Waterfalls, Ghana


Chenku Waterfalls also called Wuruduwurudu Fall is the only waterfall in Greater Accra and is one of the best tourist site in the Greater Accra Region.

Chenku Waterfalls is 39km from the Greater Accra and located in Dodowa. Dodowa is known for two popular tourist attractions that’s the Dodowa Forest and the Shai Hills Wildlife Reserve in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The Chenku Waterfalls drop from a height of about 250 feet, and runs on stratified rocks into a cool, clean and clear pool which people go in to swim and relax.

Before Tsenku falls meanders into the sea it’s joined by two other streams known as “Sanyade” and “Popotsi”.

At chenku waterfalls, you get to see a very and exposed rocks which are within the valley of the small Popotsi stream.

According the locals living at the waterfall,Chenku Waterfalls was named after the gods of the land.

It’s believed that the chenku falls is very sacred falls and it has some do’s and don’t

Below are some;


Ladies menstruating can’t enter the falls

Persons drinking alcohol are not to enter the falls

People with bad intentions cannot enter the chenku waterfalls

The water hates blood.

See photos from my trip to Chenku Waterfalls located in Dodowa.


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