Drivers’ Associations air cogent support for 24-hour economic policy

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Drivers’ Associations in Ghana have registered their utmost support for a 24-hour economic policy promise made by former president John Dramani Mahama in a forum organized by the Trade Union Congress.

This game changing initiative is seen as a catalyst to enhance productivity due to adjustment in operational hours which indicates a paradigm shift challenging the existing norms hence, fostering a more responsive and accessible government.

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In a joint press statement issued by the Transport Operators Association which was signed by the National deputy secretary of Concerned Drivers Association, Mr Nana Owiredu penciled thier cogent support for the policy suggested by the former president John Mahama.

The representative of the Association acknowledged the fact that, the 24-hour economy will intensify and expand production since there would be absolute absence of limitations in terms of all factors needed for production.

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They further stipulated that, there would be access to fuel stations at all times when all measures are employed to enable the transport ecosystem to thrive.

In conclusion of the statement, the Transport Association added that all other transport unions were in full support of the 24-hour economic policy initiative.

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