In a digital age where convenience reigns supreme, Pizzaman Chickenman has emerged as a frontrunner with the launch of its revolutionary Chris B App on November 1st, 2023. With over 60+ outlets spread across Ghana, the brand has seamlessly integrated technology into its operations, transforming the way Ghanaians experience pizza.

Fast forward to February 2024, and the Pizzaman Chris B App has soared to the top ranks, claiming the 3rd position on the Apple Store Food and Drinks app charts. Boasting an impressive user base of over 50,000 active iOS users, the app has become a staple for Pizzaman Chickenman lovers across the nation.

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So, what sets the Chris B App apart from the competition? Here is a Guide using the Chris B App to place and order for both Pick or Delivery options and redeeming discounts.

1. Download and Signup: Get the app, sign up, and explore a world of options.

2. Choose Items: Browse and add the meal you want to order and extras to your cart with a tap.

3. Review Order: Double-check your selections to ensure they match your cravings.

4. Delivery or Pickup: Decide how you want to receive your order with a simple tap and swipe.

5. Redeem Coupon: Have a discount code? Apply it at checkout for exclusive savings.

6. Payment Method: Pick your preferred payment option: mobile/card, app wallet, or cash on delivery.

7. Checkout: Finalize your order, and leave any special notes if needed.

Track Order: Stay updated on your order’s status from prep to delivery. Enjoy your meal!

To wrap up, the Chris B App isn’t just for ordering good food from Pizzaman Chickenman—it’s here to make your food experience better. It’s easy to use, you can pick what you like, pay securely, and get your food reliably. So, don’t wait! Try it out and enjoy delicious meals from Pizzaman Chickenman. It’s that simple!


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