Amanda Aldridge Age

Amanda Aldridge was an Afro-British opera singer and teacher who passed away on 9 March 1956. Amanda worked as a concert singer and later as a vocal teacher. Between 1907 and 1925, she released roughly thirty songs in diverse styles. Roland Hayes, Lawrence Benjamin Brown, Marian Anderson, and Paul Robeson were among her students who went on to become famous musicians.

Amanda Aldridge Age: How Old Was Amanda Aldridge?
Amanda Aldridge Age

Amanda made her television debut on Music For You, where Muriel Smith performed Montague Ring’s “Little Southern Love Song.” In one of the editions of ‘The Historian’ published in 2020, Stephen Bourne wrote a feature titled “At home with Amanda Ira Aldridge.”

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Amanda Aldridge Age: How Old Was Amanda Aldridge?

Amanda Aldridge was born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London, to African-American Shakespearean actor Ira Frederick Aldridge and his second wife, the Swedish Amanda Brandt. She was 89 years old when she died. She died a day before her 90th birthday. She was the daughter of Ira Aldridge, an African-American Shakespearean actor.

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Amanda Aldridge Songs

Amanda published 30 songs during her lifetime. Some of them include An Assyrian Love Song,”, “Azalea”, “Blue Days of June,” “The Bride,” “The Fickle Songster,” “Little Brown Messenger,” “Little Missie Cakewalk,” “Little Rose in My Hair,” “Two Little Southern Songs. 1. Kentucky Love song 2. June in Kentucky”.

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