Amy Bruni is a remarkable figure in the world of paranormal investigation. Born on July 10, 1976, in Sacramento, California, she has become a household name in the field. Her journey to this point is a fascinating story of passion and dedication. She has become a respected name in the paranormal field due to her dedication and expertise. Her age is 47 as of 2023, but her passion for investigating the unknown remains as strong as ever. With her unique blend of education, experience, and a fearless spirit, Amy Bruni continues to captivate audiences and explore the mysteries of the paranormal world

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Amy’s education doesn’t directly link to ghost hunting. She attended Sacramento State University, majoring in theater and psychology. These diverse interests, however, would later prove beneficial in her paranormal career, where understanding human psychology and drama often play a role.

Amy Bruni’s career in the paranormal world took off when she joined The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS), founded by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Her involvement in the hit TV series “Ghost Hunters” showcased her investigative skills and knowledge of haunted places.
Amy continued her journey into the supernatural with “Kindred Spirits,” a show she co-hosted with Adam Berry. This series delves into helping families dealing with paranormal activity.

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What is Amy Bruni’s Net Worth?

Recognized as a paranormal investigator, producer, author and ghost hunter, Amy had been able to build for herself a profitable career which has made her accomplish most of with


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