Bolanle Ninalowo wife

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo recently made headlines as he announced his separation from his wife after a 16-year-long marriage. The news came as a shock to fans and industry colleagues alike, who had always perceived the couple as being deeply in love and committed to their relationship.

Bolanle Ninalowo wife: Is Bolanle Ninalowo still married?

No, Bolanle Ninalowo, known for his remarkable talent and captivating performances in Nigerian films, took to social media to share the news of the split. In a heartfelt statement, he expressed his sadness and disappointment about the decision, acknowledging that sometimes relationships go through difficult times and it becomes necessary to part ways.

The actor emphasized that despite the separation, he and his wife are committed to maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their children. He expressed gratitude for the support and understanding that fans have shown during this challenging period and asked for privacy as both he and his wife navigate this new chapter in their lives.

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Actor Nino B recently announced the end of his marriage through a heartfelt Instagram post. He cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the separation and expressed sadness about this phase of his life. The comment section was disabled, as he requested privacy during this difficult time.

His caption read, “My wife & I have decided to go our separate ways and headed for an irreconcilable marriage dissolution. Please respect our privacy and pray for us during this process as we heal and move on with our independent lives while jointly taking care of what we love most, Our children! God bless all.”

He said, “Finally I accept the reality of the End to a Road! A sad reality that gives room & hope for a brighter and more fulfilling future! A reality that is SAD for my loving and adorable children but necessary for a peaceful and loveable future. A sad reality I prayed, nurtured, and worked tirelessly hard never to experience for the sake of all.”

“May God help me and reward me with all I truly deserve or punish me for all I have done wrong if that be the case. In the end, we will all live with the consequences of our actions. Sad but real and true! Now I have to do and be better for the sake of the same children I fought so hard never to be separated from.”

Divorce is a sensitive topic, and while it can be disheartening to see relationships end, it is important to remember that every individual’s personal journey is unique. Bolanle Ninalowo’s announcement serves as a reminder that even those in the public eye face personal struggles that they must overcome.

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As fans and supporters, let us respect their privacy and offer our empathy during this time of transition. We hope that Bolanle Ninalowo and his wife find happiness and fulfillment in their separate paths and that their children continue receiving the love and support they need as they adapt to this new family dynamic.


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