Carlos Oher: Biography, Age, Career, Siblings, Net Worth
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Born on May 28th, 1986 in Memphis, Tennessee, Carlos Oher is the adopted son of Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne Tuohy. Sources reveal that Carlos’ biological parents were not very much around when he was a child with his mother being a serious alcoholic and his father moving in and out of jail, there was the need to put him in foster care where the Tuohy’s adopted him. His father passed away while he was in senior year of high school. Being with the Tuohy’s changed his life as it shaped him into who he is today.


As earlier stated that he was born on May 28, 1986, Carlos is currently 37 years old and already basking in full success.

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Carlos always had a special passion towards football at an early age which led him to join his high school team where he played and led them to victory every now and then. With this special skill, he was scouted by the the NFL who gave him the chance to train with them. This opportunity opened the door of Baltimore Ravens to him where he led them to win the Super Bowl in 2013 and later signed a deal with the Tennessee Titans. His football career is what made him popular.


The former NFL player has eleven siblings from his biological parents side including Michael Oher and seven siblings from his adoptive parents, the Tuohy’s.

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Net Worth

Boasting of a very successful career in football, the 37 years old has an estimated net worth is about $ 20 million sprouting from his football contracts and salaries.

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