Dana Lavas is widely recognized as the ex-wife of Jason Gedrick, one of the famous celebrities in America who has built a good reputation for himself.


Her exact birth date remains unknown, but she was born in the United States around 1960, which would make her around 54 years old in 2023.


Details about her parents and siblings are kept private, with Dana not revealing their identities or much about her early life. She lives a very private life and even her marriage to Jason did not reveal much about her.

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Dana’s own profession has not been made public, leaving many curious about what she does. As of now, her occupation remains undisclosed, and she has not been involved in any television or film projects.

Net Worth

Despite her low public profile, Dana seems to be living comfortably following her divorce from Jason Gedrick, who has an estimated net worth of $500k to $1 million. She has chosen to stay out of the media’s spotlight, and little information is available about her life post-divorce. Dana Lavas appears to be content with her private life as of now.

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Jason Gedrixk and his ex- wife’s marriage didn’t last as all fans expected but out of this union, the couple brought forth three beautiful children who are supported by their parents even though they are no longer together. Because of the children, they seem to have some kind of friendliness going on between them.

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