This article aims to underscore the importance of addressing the immediate and most pressing needs at the education sector while also embracing the potentials of technological advancements in the education sector.

The Education Workers Connect keenly followed the launch of what the government calls ” The Smart Schools Project “under which the government launched one student one tablet policy for 1.3million students in the secondary schools across the country on Monday, March 25 2024.

As an Educational Policy Think Tank, we were completely baffled and therefore wish to ask few questions and also expose the possible motives behind the hurriedly rushed through policy beyond what the government claims are the principles behind the policy with the view to improving the situation moving forward.

In today’s evolving technological landscape, the provision of one student one tablet has garnered significant attention as a means to advance education in the 21st century. While this policy holds promise in preparing students for the digital age if properly implemented and rolled at the right time devoid of political and vote buying motives, which in this classical case, looks like it, it is crucial to address the pressing needs of educators and students alike.

The Think Tank is of the view that undoubtedly, the infusion of technology in education is imperative for equipping students with the skills necessary to thrive in the modern world. The introduction of tablets in the classrooms opens up new possibilities for interactive learning, engagement, and access to a vast repository of knowledge.

As such, the initiative to provide students with tablets represents a laudable step towards embracing the digital era.

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However, it is essential to acknowledge that amidst this shift towards digitazation, there are very critical, more germane, pressing issues and numerous challenges that ordinarily should catch the attention of the government for immediate attention. But alas, the government has decided to engage in what in the view of the Think Tank either a misplaced priority or vote buying gimmicks.

First of all, it was strange and ridiculous to see that the policy was launched at the time the teachers, who are at the centre of helping the students efficiently use the tablets are on strike demanding for better working conditions and other pressing issues that the government has been feet dragging on. Shocking!

We see this action as an insult to the hardworking Ghanaian teacher who is struggling to transform the lives of the students in the midst of the challenging education environment. Regrettably, the government decided to ignore that and rather went ahead to do the launching amidst the pomp and pageantry as if distribution of tablets or laptops to either teachers or students had never happened in this country.

Secondly, what is more insulting, deceitful, heartbreaking and traumatizing to the Ghanaian teacher than deducting money from the meagre salary three years ago with the promise of providing them with laptops? A promise that has not been completely fulfilled?

It is same government, together with the teacher union leaders who deducted money from the salary of these teachers with the promise of distributing TM laptops to all teachers. As we speak, over 6000 teachers are yet to receive those machines. Yet, this government has decided to engage in another political promises, this time to students.

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Why are we doing this to the teachers and by extension the entire country? What does the government take the teachers for? Where are the rest of the machines and when are the rest of the teachers receiving their machines since the money had already been deducted? it is also shocking to learn that the same company who is yet to deliver on the first promise of providing the laptops to the teachers is the same company given this contract even as they are yet to fulfill the first promise. Who does this?

In light of these considerations, it becomes evident that a balanced approach is necessary to address the multifaceted needs of both students and educators. While the provision of tablets aligns with the trajectory of technological advancements, it is imperative to ensure that basic educational necessities, such as provision of textbooks that has been missing for years in the schools, furniture, and other learning materials are accessible to all the students.

We therefore wish to ask these pertinent questions hoping for answers:

  1. How reasonable is it for government who is unable and struggling to feed the students turn around to be seeing to be providing tablets to these same students who are virtually being starved or being denied their balanced meal? Mustn’t the students be alive, healthy to use the tablets?
  2. How thoughtful is it when after four years into the introduction of a new curriculum, the schools do not the textbooks to reflect the curriculum and yet tablets are being provided to students? A case of a misplaced priority or vote buying gimmick?
  3. What is the wisdom in procuring tablets to students while school feeding and capitation grant have been in arreas for months if not close to a year? Misplaced priority or vote buying gimmick?
  4. Why are we not being told the cost involved in this procurement for Ghanaians whose money is being used to do value for money analysis? Or as usual, an opportunity to line pockets?
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It is our firm conviction that by striking a harmonious balance between technological advancements and educational needs, we can foster an environment conducive to holistic learning and progress.

Again, we hold the view that the policy of oje student, one tablet presents an opportunity to propel education into the digital age. However, it is reasonable to prioritize the equitable distribution of resources to address the immediate challenges faced by both educators and students.

In conclusion, we urge the government to as a matter of urgency release the rest of the laptops to the rest of the teachers three years after taking their monies. We also entreat government to get off their high horses and tackle the more critical needs confronting the sector before engaging in the necessary but untimely ones.

Daniel Yao Agbezudor
Executive Secretary


  1. Hmm..!! This is very sad and devastating! This current government led by President Akuffo Addo has caused more harm than good to the citizens. 419 government embarking on useless policies. God help us! Brilliant submission Sir. God bless you!


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