Gifty Offeibea – Yesu Beba Biom official video. Up-and-coming gospel sensation Gifty Offeibea has taken the music scene by storm with the release of her debut single, “Yesu Beba Biom,” on February 28th, 2024. The official music video is now available on YouTube, providing a visual accompaniment to the soul-stirring track.

In a recent interview with, Offeibea shared insights into the inspiration behind her debut single, explaining that the title translates to “Jesus is coming” in her native language. The song serves as a poignant call to repentance, urging listeners to embrace Jesus Christ as their savior. Offeibea expressed her hope that the melody will serve as a reminder to Christians of the imminent return of Jesus, emphasizing the importance of righteous living.

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Despite being a newcomer to the recording scene, Offeibea is no stranger to the world of gospel music. She has been sharing her vocal gifts through heartfelt renditions of popular gospel tracks at her local church for an extended period.

Fans of gospel music can anticipate a refreshing and uplifting experience with Offeibea’s debut single. “Yesu Beba Biom” not only boasts a catchy tune but also delivers a powerful message, encouraging listeners to walk in the path of Christ. With her strong vocals and profound lyrical content, Gifty Offeibea’s entrance into the music industry marks the promising rise of a talented new artist. Stay tuned for more from this emerging gospel star.



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