Affordable Pet Insurance

As dogs reach their senior years, pet insurance can provide invaluable financial protection against rising veterinary costs. But finding an affordable policy for older pets can be tricky. Here are some tips for getting the best rates on pet insurance for senior dogs.

Look for providers that do not have age limits on enrollment. Some insurers restrict new enrollments to pets under 10 years old. Seek out companies like Embrace, Petplan, and Trupanion that offer coverage for pets of any age. Just keep in mind premiums will be higher for senior dogs.

Consider a policy with a lower reimbursement rate. Plans that reimburse 70% of costs are less expensive than 90% reimbursement policies. This can be a good way to balance premium costs and coverage.

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Shop for a higher deductible. Premiums are directly impacted by the annual deductible amount. Choosing a deductible of $500 or more can lower monthly payments.

Skip wellness coverage. While routine veterinary care is important, insuring wellness services for senior dogs adds significantly to the cost. Focus on finding accident and illness coverage only.

Look for discounts. Some companies offer multi-pet discounts if you insure younger pets too. AAA and AARP members are also eligible for discounts with certain providers.

Compare quotes from multiple insurers. Rates can vary dramatically between providers. Getting quotes from 5-10 companies ensures you find the best deal.

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Review exclusions carefully. Pre-existing conditions are often excluded, but some plans cover curable illnesses after a waiting period. Read the fine print.

With a little research, pet parents can find affordable insurance for older dogs to protect against unanticipated vet expenses during their senior years.

List of Best cheap pet insurance companies for senior dogs

  1. Pets Best – $5000 or unlimited for r 70% to 80% reimbursement choices with 5.0 rating from Forbes.
  2. FIGO – $5000 – $10000ratings0% reimbursement choices with 4.5 rating from Forbes.
  3. Lemonade – $5000 – 100000ratings0% reimbursement choices with 4.5 rating from Forbes.
  4. Many Pets – unlimited for 80% reimbursement choices with 4.5 rating from Forbes.
  5. TrustedPals – $4000 – 1a 5000 for 70% reimbursement choices with 4.0 rating from Forbes.


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